My book asulio2003


There was once a very happy penguin who lived in club penguin but one day there came a strange shadow appeared 3 ninjas who were in the dojo and suddenly aparicio a penguin with a hat and told me his name was Sensei
Then came a 3 ninjas fire, water and ice I was told that dominated those 3 items
And if a nija mastered these 3 elements would open a door that would dse Nueba shadow but before the sensei told me that I was elected and I was not nija did not have the white ribbon and told me that my father was the best ninja it was a club penguin card-jitsu legend in ice water but could not dominate the strongest fire element but one day said a nija could master the three elements of water, ice and fire.
    So I train Sensei taught me the card-jitsu and said to be a ninja had to overcome and when I started to play was about to beat me and then appeared in my hand a letter from fire and throw it and you win with that letter of fire and I became a ninja.
  But still I needed to master the element of water, ice and fire and started to control the water and I became a ninja of water.
And I started to train train train and ice and could not till he came a light mower and gave me a letter of ice and the letter could easily dominate the card-jitsu mast that tube ice to face the sensei was very loud horn could not continue take out the letter there came an avalanche of snow and my sensei desaparecui appeared behind me and said he was not ready till another avalanche came dse snow and grab it and beat him and I became ice nija
And I just lacked the fire and I were all letters and had no cards to play tube tube to dodge all the movements of sensei till I appeared the letter went on fire and suddenly flames in my hands I thought I was burning but it was driving the fire till it felt very good that the iso sensei a whirlpool and an avalanche was only fire in each hand and the fire melted the snow
and for water ise me invincible and I saw the sensei appeared and pull back and fire and win me become nija aviation fire. And suddenly the door opened and my shadow amulet enpeso to shine and I appeared a fire suit and dark ice water